01. The value of the Canadian dollar has been [fluctuating] between 65 and 67 cents American for the last few months.
02. You can expect minor [fluctuations] in your weight during the time you are doing heavy exercise.
03. His temperature has been [fluctuating] somewhat all day, but it hasn't gone too high as of yet.
04. Interest rates [fluctuate] for these mutual funds on a daily basis, but they have been generally going up.
05. [Fluctuations] in the price of oil have fuelled a price war at the gas pumps.
06. The number of kids who have been turning out for baseball practice has been [fluctuating] between 10 and 15.
07. The water level in the lake [fluctuates] each year depending on the previous winter's snowfall.
08. Science has discovered that there is a relation between the [fluctuation] of agricultural production and sunspot variations.
09. It is difficult to know if our current high world temperatures are due to global warming or simply the normal [fluctuations] of a cycle that is too long to recognize.
10. Certain types of stars [fluctuate] in brightness like a great, beating heart.
11. The heart rate of a healthy person is fairly constant, and does not generally [fluctuate] much.
12. Pitirim Sorokin discovered a pattern of apparently trendless [fluctuation] in the amount of inequality in societies throughout history.
13. The pollution levels in this area do not [fluctuate] much, and are consistently below the danger level.
14. The government of the Côte d'Ivoire needs to end the country's dependence on [fluctuating] prices for cocoa and coffee in order to improve its economy.
15. Temperature and rainfall [fluctuate] widely in the Czech Republic, where the weather is known for its changeable nature.
16. Margaret Wheatley once observed that the things we fear most in organizations, [fluctuations], disturbances, imbalances are the primary sources of creativity.
17. The economy of the Côte d'Ivoire is highly sensitive to [fluctuations] in international prices for coffee, cocoa beans, and palm oil, and to weather conditions.
18. Because Ecuador exports primary products such as oil, bananas, and shrimp, [fluctuations] in world market prices can have a serious domestic impact.
19. The exchange rate [fluctuates] daily, so check the current rate before converting your currency to pounds sterling.
20. The price of gold [fluctuated] between $375 and $427 an ounce in the first six months of 2004.
21. Human beings have an average temperature of 37 degrees, and this temperature [fluctuates] in a set way by about half a degree.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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